Monday, December 1, 2008


The biggest reason to lose weight is to just be healthy. However, I have some other motivations as well. Here are my other reasons:

To go to the beach/pool, wear a bikini, and feel good about it! - I don't go swimming. Part of it is because I don't know how, but there was a time in my life when I loved to play in the pool. And I stopped playing in the pool once I got uncomfortable with my body (aka, when I hit puberty). I tried sometimes to wear long shirts and shorts, but after a while, it was like, "What's the point?" Now I live in Florida. I have been to the beach once and that was in sweatpants. I just want to enjoy the water like most people down here, like most people in my life. I don't want to be the girl sitting outside of the pool, just "soaking my feet." I want to feel vibrant and alive in the water. If I start to get down, I may even sign up for swim lessons!

To feel truly confident in myself - I am able to come off as being confident, but it's just pretend. I just tell myself, "Fake it until you make it." I try not to concentrate on my insecurities, but that does not mean they are not there. And I do think (in certain situations) I am confident in my personality. But my body holds me back. It's not just the way I look but the fact that I am not being who I really want to be that stops me from being truly satisfied and secure in who I am.

To unleash the inner athlete in me - As a young child, I was pretty athletic. I was a speedy, speedy runner, I biked in my free time, I played games, and I rollerskated/rollerbladed. Basically, I was super active. Then I hit adolescence and that pretty much stopped. I did what I had to do (P.E.) and I did play soccer in high school, but once I got to college, I pretty much stopped regular physical activity. I feel like I was meant to be an athlete. I just feel it in my bones. But somewhere along the way, I lost my path. I would like to find that athletic girl again--I just know it would help to fulfill me.

To enjoy my youth - A big part of me feels like I am missing out on opportunities. I felt that way in middle school, high school, and a little bit in college. I feel like I am not living the life I could live nor the life typical of someone my age. I am young, but I live like an old lady. I sleep/nap a lot, I don't go out that much and when I do, I still hold back. I want to enjoy being 22, I want to enjoy being young. I want to look back on my 20s and think, "Wow, that was a good time! And I looked awesome! And I felt awesome!"

To shop 'til I drop! - When I was bigger, I hated shopping. It basically ended up in me crying. So, my wardrobe consisted of jeans and oversized t-shirts. I have gotten away from that and sometimes I do put effort into my looks, but I still have trouble finding things that fit the way I want them to look. I know that as I get smaller and to a healthier size, I will enjoy shopping and taking care of myself more. And I like that!

To learn how to cook -- I don't know how to cook and I haven't since I moved into my apartment. Wanting to lose weight is definitely a motivation to learn how to prepare my own food that is fresh and nice. I just feel like I am not really an adult since I just eat out or heat things up in the microwave. So, it will be awesome to make my own meals, eat what I truly want to eat, but also have it be tasty and healthy.